Standard & Regulations


Physical Standars

Age: Min. 16.5 Years

Height: Min. 165cm

Weight: 50 Kg

Chest: 70 Cm

Medical Standards

Candidates with following diseases/disabilities shall not be admitted into the academy:

Skin Diseases

Marks or Surgery on skin

Colour Blindness


Twisted/Enlarged Bones or Body Parts

Physically or mentally handicaped

Rules and Regulations

To go out of the academy, for any reason, each student needes to lay an application before his related incharge, and can only go out if the application is accepted. Leaving teh academy without prior permission will lead to the restigation of the candidate.No excuses accepted.

Though every precaution is taken by the academy to ensure the safety of the candidates during the physical training tasks, still on occurrence of any mishappening, the trainer or the academy will not be responsible.

Keeping or using mobile phones, camera, transistor, radios, memory card, or any other electronic device is strictly prohibited. the candidate is liable to the strictest of punishments, if found guilty.

Smoking in the academy is strictly prohibited.