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The Indian Navy is a well balanced and cohesive three dimensional force, capable of operating above, on and under the surface of the oceans effectively safeguarding or national interests.

OFFICER ENTRY: If you are in search of a challenge , If you are young and bright, just out of school or university have wide personal interests / hobbies, prepared to work hard and expect for more from your career than just a remunerative pay packet, you need a challenge a job that grows wish you and provides variety and excitement. There are so many possibilities to choose from high visibility, rapid growth jobs in banking, computers, corporate management, civil services etc. while examining your options than Indian Navy is one of the best place for you. The Navy offers an extraordinary range of exciting career opportunities together wish a chance to travel widely, to meet new people and to enjoy the warmth & camaraderie that is so special to this service come and join the Navy.

SAILOR ENTRY : In good old days, a sailor only sailed, the job involved typing of knots, swabbing the decks and polishing the brass. But today sailor can be a specialist operator, firing guided missiles and homing torpedoes a sonar technician sounding ocean depth from a hi-tech submarine a data processing technician at a modern supply centre, a boiler technician overseeing the operation of the ships power plant or a member of an aviation crew soaring high above the clouds. Today, Navy s adventure is not only on the sea but also in the skies above and the depth below. And for this very reason, the Indian Navy has been called the Three Dimensional Service. If you have just left school or college and looking for a career oriented job to pick up, you can join the Indian Navy for an exciting, satisfying career with more security than you would find in most other jobs. You can join Indian Navy as a sailor also because the sailor literally run the navy.

Promotion of Officer Rank:Sailor who posses unique leadership qualities and fulfill requisite conditions in terms of age, education etc, can aspire to become commissioned officer in the Indian Navy through commission worthy (CW) scheme and special Duties (SD) scheme. Such officer can aspire to commands ships and units and even rise to become Admirals. That is Navy s way of giving an opportunity to deserve few, who for some unforeseen reasons could not make it to the Officer Rank.

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