Some Words About Us

Inking Thoughts is an art promotion and event organization house, where we aim to move on the path of progress, with a compass. A compass, just like an ordinary one, it is our navigator, the most valuable to us wanderers, our guide and leader but there is only one difference, the conventional one points towards north, our compass points towards art.

We are not an establishment with a unique idea and impressed investors. We are the result of a struggle, a struggle of a young dreamer to get into the field of art, a struggle to live life with art, a struggle to earn respect by art. We organize events, talk shows, artists’ meets, open mics, slams, and everything you can relate to art. We turn the life of a dreamer to the life of an artist and the life of an artist to the life of a celebrity. We will help you publish books, get your artwork reviewed, to give you the platform you deserve, we will promote your art to unprecedented heights. Inking Thoughts learnt to drive in 2013, but only managed to accelerate in 2016. Those two long years was the duration of our horizontal growth under the soil. We shot up in 2016, and we continue to grow as we move forward.

Our Ideology


This is the golden circle of any business or project, a theory suggested by a British author, Simon Sinek. All businesses, all enterprises follow this golden circle, but yield different results. All the enterprises think what to do? How to do? And why to do? We think the same, the same questions and probably the same answers. There is just one slight difference, in our sequence. They first think what to do, that is the action, then they think how to do, that is the procedure, then they think why to do, that is the cause.

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Our events...


Awaaz Studio

Awaaz Studio is the pioneer open mic live show, which offers a stage to all the artists who are willing to showcase their platform. It is open to one and all.

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